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  • Travel Tips: Six Things You Should Never Forget Before a Trip

    Over-packing for a trip can be heavy and costly at the same time. On the contrary, under-packing can make you unsettled for the thought of having forgotten to pack some essential things. Giving your luggage a thorough check before the trip for commonly forgotten things will help you avoid the anxiety. While there is commonly a list of item you should pack, there are some items which are underrated and you may easily unpack them if you happen to have over-packed. However, there are some essential things that are commonly seen not to be of much value yet they can help save you the hassle. Below are universally important item that will save you stress and money on your next trip.

    A Good Pen

    Pens are some of the items that seem to be far away whenever the need for them arises. That high time you need to write something, a pen is mostly far from your reach. You may be required to fill out an immigration card at the entry point but you may not be given a pen to use. Can you imagine the hassle you will have? There could be a pen on a chain only to find it without ink. Definitely this is something you can avoid. It may take you much time to fill out such forms and sign receipts if you don’t have a pen with you. Moreover, there could be someone who desperately needs a pen and you could be there with it and be of help. A pen is often ignored by many travellers but you can be an exception because it can be convineitn to have it.

    Day Bag

    Do you want to lug your heavy suitcase with you everywhere you go? No one wants that. As you step out to explore during your trip, you will have to carry some few essentials with you. During day trips, laundry and shopping, you need to have a tote bag to use as you walk around. Don’t give yourself the burden to walk around with your suitcase when you can be able to travel comfortably with a bag during the trip.

    An Unlocked Cell Phone

    It is an amazing experience to travel with a phone that works everywhere. You don’t want to be disconnected from family and friends at home. It is such fun to be able to connect to with friends through social networks. Moreover, a phone with a fast connection to Google Maps and language translators will make you a superb experience on your trip. An unlocked phone that allows you to book a new flight or hotel reservation can save you money and inconveniences in case of anything.  The whole idea is to have fast internet access everywhere at all times. Have your phone unlocked when visiting another country to allow you to use local sim cards in the country you are touring.

    Have your digital Downloads

    This requires preparation prior to leaving for the trip. Once you know the country and town you’re touring, you can search for the town on Google Maps then save the information for offline use. The components of the searched town will be saved and you will be able to access them without web and be able to see a clear map of the environment. You should also consider using a photo backup service just in case of any in eventualities.

    Have a Portable USB Battery

    When you go out during the trip, you may spend the whole day taking pictures, posting on your social networks among other activities. All these will cause your phone’s battery to drain faster. To avoid the inconvenience of having a phone that doesn’t have power, carry a USB battery pack. A small USB pack may be able to charge your phone once while a larger one can charge it twice or even more.

    A USB Multi-charger

    Regardless of the class of hotel you choose to stay, you may still have the challenge of finding enough power outlets. There is no easier way to counter such than to have a USB multi-charger. Such charges will only use one wall socket and accommodate several USB ports. You can also carry some longer USB cables because with them, you will be able to use your phone even when the wall socket is not close to your bed.

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